Measure Your Campaign on TikTok With Confidence

Optimize your strategy and ad spend when you understand the content that drives the most engagement on TikTok.



Access Paid Analytics for TikTok

Can you access the data needed to maximize engagement with your brand on TikTok? ListenFirst provides a full view of your organic and paid content, as well as sophisticated metrics to drive audience engagement with your videos.

ListenFirst is not an official TikTok partner, and instead has built an integration with TikTok’s Application Programming Interface (API) to deliver a deeper level of content analysis to ListenFirst clients.

See The Full Picture

Get a holistic understanding of content performance across Paid and Organic. 

Benchmark Performance

Determine if your campaign is over or underperforming as compared to other brands in your portfolio or across the industry.

Validate Investments

Confirm results and ensure a return on investment when working with a third party, whether that’s a brand sponsor, influencer or agency.

Track Opportunities and Emerging Issues

Receive alert notifications when there is a significant shift in trends or when your content is performing exceptionally well.

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Increase Your Engagement & Reach Across Social

Gain more from your social media investment. Reach out to the ListenFirst team see how you can access:

  • Syndicated metrics to better understand your social performance
  • Industry benchmarks and competitive rankings
  • An award-winning team of experts who deliver an unparalleled quality of service