Campaign & Content Performance

With so many analytics across channels, where do you begin to measure social media engagement as it relates to your unique business goals? Review thoughtfully formulated analytics to see what content inspires action and where to increase investments.


Which Media Publishers Are Audiences Responding To?

Check out the top 10 trending media publishers and their ranking by responses per post and by social media platform.

Tailor your approach

Leverage situational audience analysis to better understand audience composition and improve engagement on each social media platform. With content tagging capabilities, you can classify your owned brand content and competitor content by theme or topic. Then compare the performance of tagged content across all platforms. Use this to match the best content with the platform that will deliver the best response.

Gather deep insights

ListenFirst dives into the conversations happening across social media platforms to understand what people think ​about your products, campaigns, and brands. ​Compare your content’s performance to competitor’s by using Competitive & Industry Benchmarks. ListenFirst tracks the social activity of hundreds of thousands of brands to help you better track how your content compares in your industry.

Optimize your campaigns with real-time analysis

Identify opportunities or trends impacting your brand by getting alerts when your content has a notable spike in activity. Our sentiment data analysis layered into our social listening tool helps you know how your audience is feeling and why. This gives you a better sense of what you need to do next to change the course of a campaign.

Refine your creative content

Is your campaign engaging the right audience? Make changes if needed as you discover what inspires action. By focusing on the elements such as color, product, talent or layout that perform best, you can create more fruitful campaigns. Let the insights help you optimize your visuals and messaging so your content always delivers against your goals.

Allocate resources to maximize ROI

Simplify the way you measure the impact of your efforts with a detailed analysis of your overall campaign. See what’s working in your organic vs paid efforts so you can allocate resources effectively. Determine which campaigns or proving social media ROI with our proprietary brand lift metrics.

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