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Work for an employer that works hard for you.

Great People

To make something great requires respect, collaboration, and ambition. We want people who punch above their weight. We like the idea of agile, smart, and fast vs. big and lumbering. We’re comfortable taking on the giants and outworking, out-thinking and outperforming them.


We work hard, but we also believe in having a healthy work-life balance. Outside the office, our team members are musicians, interior designers, deal-finders, bakers, baseball hall-of-famers, vinyl collectors, and marathoners. We believe in helping people nurture their passions.

Great Benefits

We offer competitive salaries and an excellent benefits package with generous time-off, sabbatical, family leave, summer Fridays, and more. Plus, we have a fully stocked kitchen, happy hours, a bright new office, and shiny new technology for every new hire.

Life at ListenFirst

Giving people the tools they need to do their best work every day is at the heart of everything we do. At ListenFirst, you’ll solve for big problems, work with the next generation of leaders in some of the biggest companies in the world, and help clients unlock insights they never thought possible. All of that while you’re collaborating on new projects, celebrating peers, and forming deep friendships with colleagues that last a lifetime.

Meet Samantha Morse

Director of Strategy

What are you working on right now? My department is bigger than ever! Right now I’m trying to make sure everyone is being onboarded, trained and has all the resources they need to be successful. Being new to the position, I’m also doing my rounds getting to know my team members that I haven’t worked closely with in the past. It’s been a blast!

What do you love about ListenFirst? Not only does this company embrace and encourage everyone’s individuality, but I am also surrounded by some of the most thoughtful, intelligent and collaborative people in the game. It really is a pleasure to work here and has been for the last 5 years. 

What is your secret talent? Can successfully answer “name three songs” whenever I’m wearing a band t-shirt. 

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ListenFirst facilitates my professional and personal growth on a daily basis. I work with a cutting-edge data analysis tool in a rapidly evolving and growing space, a collaborative and inclusive team that lifts individual members up to attain shared goals, and managers who treat me as partners rather than subordinates.
Ben Ritz
Associate Sales Director
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During this Pandemic, ListenFirst has been so proactive in adapting their business model making me feel valued, heard and respected, and I think that it is so rare. It is such a breath of fresh air to know that I am with a company who actually cares about me.
Gina Grey
Strategist, Client Strategy

Work for an employer that works hard for you.

We expect a lot from you, so we give a lot back. We’ve designed our workplace programs to meet your and your family’s needs, with some of the best benefits in the industry.

Even though we’ve come a long way from being a two-person team in a tiny shared office space, we treat everyone who works with us like family. We understand that you have a life outside of work.

That’s why we’re flexible with time-off and work from home. We also know that developing your career is important to you, so we help you learn new skills and give you tools to grow.

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