Top TikTok trends to consider when creating content

Short-form videos. Celebrity endorsements. Creative challenges. It’s easy to see why TikTok has grown in popularity at a rate too fast to ignore. 

With the rise of TikTok, brands are exploring innovative ways to create short-form video content. For many, the results have been worth the effort. 

As the premier social media analytics platform, ListenFirst is in a unique position to uncover (1) the trends driving brands to invest in TikTok and (2) the elements that make TikTok videos successful. So that’s exactly what we set out to do!

The Methodology

With access to hundreds of thousands of brands, we took a moment to analyze the hottest trends in social media. We looked at the top 500 advertisers based on annual US media spend. From there we analyzed the top 3,000 posts, based on reactions, shares, comments and views.

We narrowed our analysis from January 2021 to August 2021 to focus on recent trends.

After combing through the analysis, it became clear that TikTok has become the social media platform involved in the most noteworthy trends. Here are the top four trends brands should keep in mind as they explore their social video strategy.

#1. TikTok Is The Social Platform Driving The Most Engagement  

Advertisers post across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. At the start of 2021, the platform that drove the most engagement per post was Instagram. Since then, the landscape has changed. TikTok has picked up steam and by August 2021, TikTok became the platform averaging the most engagement per post. 

#2. Brands Lean On Creators For Exclusive Content

Some of the strongest brands on TikTok are using creators to develop original content for their pages. ESPN, for example, has seen success partnering with creators for exclusive humor-based content. The creator creates the video, and that video is published directly on the TikTok account for ESPN. 

Brands lean on creators for exclusive content

Netflix follows a similar strategy. The streaming service creates original content with their young talent, appealing to TikTok’s core demographic.

By posting video on the brand’s account – rather than the creator’s account – the sound gets paired with brand’s TikTok page and their content. 

#3. The Act of Sharing Content Is Growing Fast On TikTok

Video content generates a lot of the shared activity across platforms. So it’s no surprise that the percentage of shares driven by TikTok increased significantly in 2021. TikTok is now driving 24% of shares compared to an average of 16% prior to August 2021.

#4. Sport And Entertainment Industries Have The Strongest Presence On TikTok

The brands with the strongest presence on TikTok are primarily sports and entertainment brands. ESPN leads the charge with their creator-forward approach to the platform. As you look for creative inspiration, take a peek at what top-performing brands are doing to push the envelope.

Top Brands Leveraging TikTok

More Strategies to Drive Social Media Engagement

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