The Social Media Shift To Video

Social Media Shift To Video
​​In this report you'll learn:
  • What social media platforms generate the most fan growth 
  • Why engagement metrics are becoming less important
  • The fastest growing metrics on Social Video 
  • Which social networks brands should post on more often

For brands, knowing video is important for your social media strategy is not enough. Certain social media platforms are becoming more central to brand marketing as video becomes more popular, while other social platforms become less of a focus for brands.  

Additionally, as the audience embraces video, the social media metrics that marketers should be focusing on needs to change as well.

This report takes a look at several key industries on social media including Fashion, Publishing, Food & Beverage, Top Advertisers, and Home Furnishings, to determine the behavioral shift of media consumption by the public on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

In this report we outline exactly how video has changed audience behavior, why that’s impacting which social media metrics you need to focus on, and what brand priorities should be going forward.