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ListenFirst is the premier social media analytics platform that seamlessly brings together everything you need to unlock social insights, optimize social media marketing, and maximize social media ROI.

With a centralized platform, you can easily analyze paid, owned and earned content across all social media channels. Then decide what insights matter most and simply configure and export the comprehensive reports you crave.

Tailor your content and campaigns based on real data. What worked? What didn’t? Even break down consumer sentiments by product, topic or theme. Don’t forget to compare your performance against the industry and competition.

Understand your competition and how your brand stacks up. Access insights from across the industry or instantly benchmark against a select group of brands, based on what’s important to you.

Discover Social Benchmarks

Shift campaign strategies as you learn what drives a better return. Understand how a campaign is performing across channels, and make informed decisions when it comes to sponsorship opportunities or partnerships with influencers and brand ambassadors.

Discover Influencer & Partner Analytics

How engaging is your content? With so many metrics across channels, where do you begin to measure engagement as it relates to your unique business goals? Review thoughtfully formulated metrics to quickly see what content inspires action and where to increase investments.

Discover Campaign & Content Performance

You need to keep a constant pulse on your brand reputation. Take a close look at the sentiments associated with your earned social content. Access in-depth analysis across your owned channels. All this is key to unlocking the health of your brand, and we have unique metrics to help you out!

Discover Brand Health & Consumer Sentiment

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ListenFirst is able to combine ease of use with incredible depth to create a platform that helps to shape content, analyze results and improve campaigns. All of that functionality combined with the hands-on availability of their staff to answer questions and create detailed reports, it’s like having extra members of our team.
Dale Johnson
AT&T Entertainment
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By incorporating social data into our mix models, we can optimize resource allocation across channels more effectively and improve the performance of our campaigns.
Dan Stubbs
VP Marketing Analytics, A+E Networks
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ListenFirst provides us with the most comprehensive view in the social sphere and is our primary source to report social metrics in the marketplace.
Tom Ziangas
SVP, Research & Insights, AMC Networks
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As influencer marketing continues to grow, especially in the travel and tourism sector, brands are looking for a way to properly vet influencers. The LIstenFirst tool has allowed VISIT FLORIDA to select influencers who fit our marketing and PR strategies and have proven ROI on previous campaigns.
Meagan Dougherty
Public Relations Director, VISIT FLORIDA
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The team at ListenFirst functions seamlessly with our own in-house team, readily adapting to our needs and responding strategically. They are insightful and lend a comprehensive analytical point of view to our marketing plans.
Michael Kors Marketing
Michael Kors Uses Instagram Analytics to Dominate Social During NY Fashion Week

Competition is tough as luxury fashion brands flood social media with creativity and celebrities during Fall Fashion Week. To ensure Michael Kors was building buzz and winning social share of voice on its runway day, the marketing team turned to ListenFirst.

A+E Networks Incorporates Performance Metrics to Power Their Omni-channel Marketing Strategy

See how the multinational broadcasting company used ListenFirst’s social media measurement and historical data to analyze more than 300 owned and competitor brands in their mix models.

Blumhouse Productions Used Facebook Audience Insights to Drive Box Office Success

Lowriders was slated to be the smallest theatrical release by number of theaters for BH Tilt. With a target audience and heavy focus on digital marketing, the team leveraged ListenFirst data to understand where to direct campaign efforts in order to maximize profit.

Nickelodeon Gauges Audience Sentiment with Twitter Analytics

When SpongeBob Squarepants’ creator passed away, Nickelodeon tapped ListenFirst’s social listening capabilities to understand how social audiences were responding and determine their communication strategy.

Hackensack Meridian Health Created a Social Intelligence Hub powered by ListenFirst

HMH created a social intelligence hub, gathering data from 70 social handles, across 27 entities. With ListenFirst insights, the health network was able to identify potential partners, resulting in increased web traffic and sign-ups.e

VISIT FLORIDA Finds Success Leveraging Data to Drive Their Influencer Marketing Strategy

Florida’s official tourism marketing corporation partnered with ListenFirst to implement a data-driven, social influencer marketing program. This helped them identify which influencers to partner with, measure campaign performance, and justify long-term partnerships and spend.

Viacom Uses Video Insights to Increase Social Reach

Viacom tapped ListenFirst for data-driven video insights. They revamped their Facebook video content strategy, boosting reach and views.

Acclaimed Customer Satisfaction

In Spring 2022 ListenFirst was named high performer across the G2 Social Media Analytics Software category, as well as, enterprise customers specifically. Thank you to our customers who have ranked ListenFirst above the industry average for scalability, performance, and reliability, post-performance, and paid campaign tracking.

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