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Leverage our team of social media experts when you need meaningful reports beyond your team’s bandwidth or capabilities. Our award-winning analysts are the best in the business and proven effective by the most notable brands in the world.

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Our team has a blueprint for success ready to implement for your brand. Our proven track record of effectively serving the most notable brands in the world is available to help propel your brand today.

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Working with a lean social media team?

While customers understand the value of social media analytics and insights available in ListenFirst, some do not have internal resources to maximize the value of the metrics. This is where our expert analysts thrive. We’ll act as an extension of your team and pull out the actionable data on your behalf.

Need to focus on execution?

Even the most well-rounded teams find themselves spending a disproportionate amount of time building social media reports and gathering industry insights. This comes at the expense of executing. Let us cover the analysis so you can focus on implementation. 

Leverage experts in your industry

The ListenFirst’s team of analysts is organized by industry. Customers benefit from the deep knowledge and efficiency of social media data experts who understand the complexities of your industry and are familiar with the competitive landscape.


Include social insights in your market intelligence

Marketing and research departments decipher millions of market signals daily, making it a challenge to master social media analytics, specifically. Our analysts make certain your market research includes social media insights, critical to understanding today’s consumer.


Ensure unbiased reporting

Audiences often assume there is inherent bias when social media performance is measured by the same team executing the campaign. We offer an objective third-party perspective and can eliminate doubt with credible and context-rich metrics.

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“The team at ListenFirst is unparalleled. They work seamlessly as an extension of our own internal team.”

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