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2022 Social Media Marketing Trends
What are the opportunities and challenges of social media marketing in 2022? Scroll through this infographic for the highlights you need to know.
How Top Hospitals Rank On Social Media

ListenFirst put together the Social Ranking of Top Hospitals, a special report showing how the 20 hospitals featured in the 2022-2023 version of the U.S. News rankings did in the last year, based on social engagement.

Media & Entertainment Industry: Social Media Benchmarks
5 Things Fashion Brands Need To Know About Instagram Reels

Fashion marketers, do you know how valuable Instagram Reels is for your brand? To answer that question, ListenFirst examined the performance of 3,000 Reels published by 208 fashion brands.

Winning The Holiday Season On Social

Hear from the experts at ListerFirst Media, as they share what video trends are taking shape and what formulas tend to drive the most views and engagement.

Mastering Instagram Reels

Check out the latest trends and actionable tips before posting your brand’s next video on Instagram.

Holiday Trends For Social Media Marketers

The Holiday Trends For Social Media Marketers surveyed 127 marketing and analytics professionals about their social media strategy for their holiday messaging this year, identifying the best practices and challenges marketers are most concerned about.

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