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4 Steps to a Successful Influencer Strategy
4 Steps to a Successful Influencer Strategy
In this report, you’ll learn the best ways to leverage ListenFirst’s curated universes – made up of hundreds of thousands of brands – to strengthen your social strategy.
Media & Entertainment Industry: Social Media Benchmarks
2022 Cinco de Mayo Report 

ListenFirst’s Cinco de Mayo Report answers those exact questions, calling out the winning brands and social media strategies. Marketers who opt into this completely free report will be emailed it on May 6, the very next day.

2022 NFL Draft Social Report

For brands, the draft is one of the biggest tentpole media events of the year, for example in 2020 it drew 55 million total viewers across all media platforms.

The Social Media Shift To Video

This report takes a look at key industries on social media including Fashion, Publishing, Food & Beverage, Top Advertisers, and Home Furnishings, to determine the behavioral shift of media consumption by the public on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

5 Ways To Stretch Your Marketing Dollar On Social

Hear from the social media experts, as they review recent lessons learned by top advertisers across industries. Discover insights on what’s trending and what’s winning the attention of consumers.

Benchmarketing 2.0

Data without context is useless. It’s why benchmarks are so critical when it comes to measuring the success of social media campaigns.

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