TikTok Social Trends: Top Advertisers

TikTok Social Trends: Top Advertisers
Key questions this report answers include:
  • What are the overall trends around brands on TikTok
  • Which brands perform best on TikTok by key metrics
  • What type of content works best on TikTok
  • How can your brand be more effective at getting TikTok Followers

There’s only so much context you can get about social media performance by looking at how your own content performs in a vacuum.  Understanding competitors and being able to compare performance against cross-industry benchmarks is equally important in setting goals, creating pivot strategies, and creating KPIs and benchmarks. That’s where this report comes in. We focus on what’s working on TikTok for the brands included in ListenFirst’s Top Advertisers Universe, a set of brands based on the companies in the US generating the most revenue and with the biggest ad spend. 

Seeing what’s working for the brands on TikTok with the most resources to experiment, takes the guesswork out of understanding what strategies are best connecting with the audience on the short form video platform.