Centralized Social Media Analytics & Reporting

With a centralized platform, you can easily analyze paid, owned, and earned content across all social media platforms. Decide what insights matter most and configure and export the comprehensive social media reports you crave.

Uncover The Story Behind The Numbers

Quickly understand how your brand performs on social media using simple visuals and easy-to-understand language.

Get the full picture

View your earned, organic, and paid social media analytics in one place. Analyze conversations and comments across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. Leverage the same platform to compare your trends to those of your competitors. Strapped for time? Cut to the chase with Instant Insights, a feature that leverages machine learning to highlight key takeaways that are meaningful to you.

Simplify your life

Find the results of your social media campaign summarized in just a few clicks. Even when reviewing performances across various social media platforms, our unique methodology provides analytics that support apples-to-apples comparison. Looking to compare performances beyond a single campaign? Our platform is built with the modern enterprise in mind. Review analytics at the enterprise, brand, product, and individual-post level.

Understand the context

Context is everything. Dive into social listening to gain insights around a topic, brand, or product. Measure cross-platform trends and shifts in viewing habits over time to find out what works, what doesn’t, and why. Get a sentiment analysis to understand how your audience feels towards a topic or theme. Then use those insights to tailor content, plan campaign strategies, and allocate spend.

Solve your unique needs

Quickly uncover the key takeaways as if you were your own social media analyst, or leverage our award-winning strategy team for more complex analysis. With configurable dashboards, you can customize your own set of analytics and share it easily with your team.

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Comprehensive Features, One Easy Solution

  • Powerful platform with cross-channel analytics
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  • Unlimited competitive context
  • Verified data for accuracy and precision

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