360 Social Media Strategy Planning

Tailor your social media content and campaigns based on real data. What works? What doesn’t? What inspires emotions? Remember to get a good look at your competitors’ strategies when making a plan.

Using Competitive Information to Plan Seasonal Campaigns Report

Learn how to turn the mistakes and successes of your competition into a game plan for a winning holiday strategy.

Understand emotional triggers

Break down consumer sentiments by product, topic, or theme to better understand your social media audience. Take it a step further by identifying the emotions that drive your audience to take action. With access to emotional insights, you can identify what was driving sentiment. Then tailor your social media strategy to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Create content that resonates

Easily view audience insights for each social media platform. Know who is responding to your campaigns and what content they are responding to. See how they are responding and understand why they’re responding in a specific way. Break down competitive audience demographics, languages, geography, and brand affinities to craft the most tailored social media content strategies possible.

Attract new audiences

Identify the trends in your industry to maximize the number of people you reach. Uncover which brands, people, events, and influencers your audience finds interesting, and use that to inform your messaging and creative. By understanding the brands your audience already cares about, you can form more targeted, successful partnerships. Explore which influencers will expand your reach in the right direction with Influencer Analysis.

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