ListenFirst for Agencies

Be the expert, every time.

Skip the long days of research. Let ListenFirst deliver the industry insights so you and your team can focus on what you do best.

Agencies + ListenFirst

For agencies, researching industry trends and competitive landscapes is critical but often rushed. Delivering meaningful campaign results always takes longer than expected and is never consistent. 


ListenFirst provides agencies with deep industry analysis and cross-channel reporting in one platform with the experts to help you succeed.

Win more new business

Become the industry expert and own the competition in your next big pitch. 

Gain a clear understanding of what’s trending in a particular industry or see which competitors drove the most engagement on social last week. With access to ListenFirst industry universes, your team will uncover rich social insights without exhausting hours of research.

Spot trends with standardized metrics across channels

Get more done in less time with normalized data, in one place.

Your staff will be able to measure the performance of social content in a consistent way, no matter the social platform. 

Our syndicated approach to data provides a more meaningful way to measure market share. Only your agency will be able to offer clients unique metrics like Social Talkability, Brand Reputation, and Interest Score.

Land, impress, and retain clients

Share valuable reports and industry insights. 

With a few clicks you can see what content is driving the most views in your industry. Find out which influencer garners the broadest reach among a target audience? Or, benchmark your paid campaign against the competition. 

Build trust among your clients when you present actionable and consistent reporting with data from a reputable third party solution.   

Scale your business, not expenses

Understand your client’s industry at a level that exceeds expectations.

We leave the nickel-and-dime approach to others. The ListenFirst platform gives you access to all the brands and search terms you need so you can see full picture social and understand the complete competitive landscape.

Leverage our team of experts when you’re understaffed or in a pinch. Our award-winning analysts can be an extension of your team at any time.

Partner With Us

Combine your creative ideas with our deep social insights to take your business to new heights. Contact us to learn more.

  • Partner with industry experts
  • Be rich with resources
  • Pick up new skills
  • Benefit from revenue sharing


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