The Best Twitter Strategy Starts with Analytics

Great social media strategies start with the right Twitter analytics. Whether you looking to join a global conversation, engage with your local community, or offer support for your current customer base, Twitter offers a unique positioning ability online. 


Twitter Official Partner Program (TOPP)

Twitter Official Partner Program (TOPP)

Twitter’s Developer Platform

TOPP is an extremely exclusive program. Of the thousands of companies in the Twitter ecosystem, only a select few with a proven track record of customer success in using Twitter’s Developer Platform to provide brands with outstanding products are invited to join. When a company earns the corresponding Twitter Official Partner badge that is Twitter’s stamp of approval to show clients that you’re a trusted company and that your products are best-in-breed.

Twitter metrics

Twitter metrics

Analyze your paid, earned and owned performance

Get all the baseline Twitter analytics reports your team needs to compare, contrast, and see clearly and quickly what’s working and what you need to change.

Unified Analytics Platform

Get social media analytics on conversation, comments and replies on content published by your brand across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Conversation Analysis

Twitter Conversation Analysis

Get deep insights into what people think ​about your products, campaigns, activations, and brand ​with access to real-time analysis of conversations happening on social

ListenFirst has the only social media listening tool that combines sentiment on conversation and comments on owned posts with organic and paid social performance to tell you the real story

Twitter Campaign Effectiveness

A successful Twitter campaign depends on the right content for your audience.  Create more of the content your fans want, get best practices for campaign planning and creative, and prove ROI by maximizing the return from your ad spend.

Our solution combines organic, paid, and earned social media activity for all of your brands and competitive brands in one place, giving you a complete analysis of performance and consistent metrics to optimize campaigns.

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Comprehensive Features, One Easy-to-Use Solution

Finding the best social analytics software tool can be a challenge. ListenFirst has built a platform to help enterprise brands achieve social media ROI. Reach out to see how you can access:

  • Powerful platform with cross-channel analytics
  • Easy and automated reporting for all your brands
  • Unlimited competitive context
  • Verified data for accuracy and precision

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