What ListenFirst Becoming Part Of Twitter Official Partner Program Means For You

Around data analytics, this is the equivalent of getting the most prestigious blue check mark Twitter provides.

All of the spectacular analysis ListenFirst provides to our clients wouldn’t be possible without deep, behind the scenes relationships we have with the leading social media platforms, and Twitter is one of the most important of those relationships. That’s why I couldn’t be more excited that today we’re announcing that ListenFirst has been invited into the Twitter Official Partner Program (TOPP).

TOPP is an extremely exclusive program. Of the thousands of companies in the Twitter ecosystem, only a select few with a proven track record of customer success in using Twitter’s Developer Platform to provide brands with outstanding products are invited to join. When a company earns the corresponding Twitter Official Partner badge that is Twitter’s stamp of approval to show clients that you’re a trusted company and that your products are best-in-breed. 

For brands already part of the ListenFirst community, the TOPP announcement reaffirms our long term commitment to Twitter, and means ListenFirst will have an even bigger seat at the table with Twitter.  As part of the partnership, ListenFirst gets unparalleled access to information from across Twitter.com; gains early access to information and betas; and receives introductions to leaders and other opportunities across Twitter. 

ListenFirst and Twitter will also partner to continuously identify opportunities for improved product health and growth, driven by the adoption of new Twitter APIs. 

When it comes to analytics based ROI analysis, ListenFirst already has unparalleled social business intelligence for Twitter, including owned, paid, and earned analysis, cross-platform tracking, real-time conversation analysis, audience insights, affinity analysis, and sentiment analysis. This partnership will lead to further innovation, with conversations about how to create solutions that help brands get more value out Twitter happening more frequently and at a more senior level. 

We’ve already been working with Twitter for nearly 10 years, and to understand the world’s largest focus group, you want the absolute best in social analytics. Joining the TOPP program confirms ListenFirst rises to that standard of excellence.  

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