Crush Your Seasonal Campaign Strategy

Using Competitive Information To Plan Seasonal Campaigns
What's in this report?

Make the most out of competitive insights. Learn how to:

  • Find out what consumers care about
  • Audit the industry leaders
  • Measure your prior campaigns
  • Uncover best practices for the season

How Competitive Data Can Guide Your Plans.

Learn how to turn the mistakes and successes of your competition into a game plan for a winning holiday strategy.

It’s nearly impossible to evaluate your brand’s social media performance without considering your competitors’ performance. Reviewing competitive information is especially helpful when planning seasonal campaigns.

By examining what’s working in your industry, you can understand social media best practices at scale. This report walks you through the four steps you can take to make the most out of competitive insights. Learn how to tackle each step and see how real brands have applied these tactics in their own season campaigns.