Instant Insights: Uncover The Story Behind The Numbers

Quickly understand how your brand performs on social media using simple visuals and easy-to-understand language.

See The Full Picture, Fast

Review key metrics, across channels and brands, in one convenient view. Instant Insights provides flexible experiences, allowing users to choose the metrics they wish to see, their cohorts and the comparing brands.

Understand What It Means, Even Faster

Discover trends with easy-to-understand analysis. No need to burn time deciphering what the data means or applying another search query. It’s all in a single view, with the key takeaways presented up front.

Take Action And Make An Impact

Make a move based on what the data reveals. Optimize your social media activity by building on what works and leaving behind what doesn’t.

Get Started In No Time

Work With Our Team To Learn How To Gain Instant Insights

Your dedicated team of experts will set up your account so you can discover powerful social media analytics immediately.

Comprehensive Features, One Easy-to-Use Solution

  • Powerful social media platform with cross-channel analytics
  • Easy and automated social media reporting for all your brands
  • Unlimited competitive context
  • Verified data for accuracy and precision

Enjoy the View, Regardless of Your Role

Marketing Professionals

Having one place to go to see how your content performed across platforms is any marketer’s dream. With Instant Insights, marketing managers, content creators and anyone measuring campaign performance will feel empowered with the ability to:

  • Understand what the data reveals in plain language
  • Leverage meaningful data visuals for executive reports
  • Choose which brands & content type to analyze on the fly
  • View paid and organic data in one view

Business Executives

Executives need quick overviews, whether that’s to measure ROI or understand how their brands stack up against others in the industry. Executives will find direct value in what Instant Insights delivers, including:

  • Easy-to-understand insights that are key to the business
  • Charts to illustrate performance over time, and across platforms
  • Visuals of top performing content
  • The ability to save their employees from manual reporting
Capturing analytics across the social media ecosystem