Competitive & Industry Benchmarks

Understand your competition and how your brand stacks up. Access insights from across the industry or instantly benchmark against a select group of brands, based on what’s important to you.

Learn How to Measure & Improve Share of Voice

This report will teach you how to measure your market share effectively, understand your competition’s position and use this information to inform your social media strategy moving forward.

Benchmark your brand’s performance

Benchmark your brand’s performance against advanced industry social media analytics. ListenFirst aggregates and anonymizes social media data from over 200,000 tracked brands. Our unique, authorized benchmarks help you plan your social media marketing strategy and prove social media ROI.

Stay ahead of the competition

Be the #1 brand in your industry when it comes to social media. With unlimited competitive analysis, you can track and rank the effectiveness of your social media campaigns against other brands in your industry. Know how your brand performs against the analytics that matter most… Be the first to identify opportunities, trends, and emerging issues impacting your brand or industry.  Even get real-time alerts when content from a competitor has a notable spike in inactivity.

Discover social media trends

Create more of the content your fans want when you know which kinds of content elicit certain reactions. Know the elements like the best time of day, day of the week, words, emojis, and hashtags that make up the best performing social media content. Even tailor your creative to focus on the color, product, talent, or layout that drives the most response. With Instant Insights this process has never been easier. This feature of ListenFirst leverages machine learning to automatically highlight the trends in language that’s easy to understand.

Define how you track effectiveness

Track your social media performance in a way that makes sense for your brand. With unlimited analysis this is critical but our team is here to help. Tag content, including your competitors’ content, for more accurate analysis. Is your goal to build brand awareness? If so, look to the data to ensure the Share of Voice KPI is a reasonable one. 

With configurable dashboards built-in, you can select the analytics that matches your team goals. Then share a link to that dashboard or simply export the data visuals that help you tell your story.

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