Brand Health & Consumer Sentiment

You need to keep a constant pulse on your brand reputation. Take a close look at the sentiments associated with your earned social media content. Access in-depth analysis across your owned social media platforms. All this is key to unlocking the health of your brand, and we have unique analytics to help you out!

Michael Kors dominated social during NYFW

Read how Michael Kors leveraged Instagram analytics to optimize social media success during NY Fashion Week.

Understand trends in real-time

Get deep insights into what people think ​about your products, campaigns, and brand ​with access to real-time conversation analysis. Just imagine a Social NPS with a massive sample size using billions of social media signals. ListenFirst analytics like our Brand Reputation Index tells you how customers feel towards your brand, alerting your team of potential controversy at any given time.

Uncover audience sentiment

Access deep levels of consumer signals going beyond positive, negative, and neutral sentiments. Uncover how customers really feel about your brand and why they feel the way they do. The power is in the context! Filter by topic, theme, and emotion across social media platforms or by a specific platform.


Build profiles, based on interests, demographics, geography, and language. When you apply these insights to your social media strategy you’ll be better equipped to reach the right consumers on each social media platform.

Get context on everything

No need to hop across multiple apps. Easily view and export audience insights for each social media platform. You’ll find sentiment on conversation and comments on owned posts combined with organic and paid social media performance – all in a single platform!


No other social media listening platform provides such a complete story. Remember to compare pre and post-campaign performance, because data with context means everything.

Access thoughtfully formulated metrics

How much social media activity did your brand drive during your last seasonal campaign? In other words, what was your Social Engagement Score? Is your brand sparking conversations across social media platforms? What’s your Social Talkability Score? Don’t forget to review your Interest Score, which intelligently measures the organic interest of your brand over a period of time.


With a series of powerful analytics only available through ListenFirst, you can generate meaningful reports and export powerful data visualizations to impress even the toughest executives.

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