5 Ways To Stretch Your Marketing Dollar On Social

Published April 25, 2022 by Jon
1 Hour
5 Ways To Stretch Your Marketing Dollar On Social
In this 1-hour session we covered:
  • Audience behavior across TikTok, Twitter, and other social channels
  • Trends impacting how content is consumed
  • Five ways to leverage those trends to reach a larger audience
  • How to use ListenFirst to identify the most effective trends in your industry

Agility and fast-paced strategies are common themes for social media marketers today. As you make quick shifts in campaign plans, are you creating the content that drives engagement and views? 

To get more return out of your social marketing spend, you must understand the trends that drive success across the most popular social channels.

Hear from the experts at ListerFirst Media, as they review recent lessons learned by top advertisers across industries. Devin Carroll, Sr. Director of Revenue Strategy, and Riley Genua, Director of Sales Engineering, will share their insights on what’s trending and what’s winning the attention of consumers in the most competitive environments.