2022 NFL Draft Social Report

2022 NFL Draft
In this report you'll learn:
  • Social listening data showing the athletes, brands, and subject matters that trended the most around the draft
  • How popular the event was on social media compared to previous years
  • Data showing which social media platforms draft-related content was most effective
  • Case studies of the brands that had the most successful social activation around the draft

It’s not just the collegiate athletes hanging out in the green room that will have a lot at stake when the NFL Draft starts on April 28, in Las Vegas. 

For brands, the draft is one of the biggest tentpole media events of the year, for example in 2020 it drew 55 million total viewers across all media platforms. 

Given the scale, official sponsors, advertisers, sports marketers, and brands just newsjacking the event on Twitter, need to understand what about the NFL Draft actually connected with the audience on social media.

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