Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Social Video

Which social video platforms should you be investing in?

Since people started social distancing, certain social media platforms are being used more for watching video while others are being relied upon less.

If video is part of your content mix, then this definitive guide to social video will give you the tools you need.

TV Industry Special Report Part III: Best Practices for Tapping Into Library Content

How can you leverage your existing I.P. during the pandemic? 

As important as existing I.P. has always been to the growth of television streaming services, that’s never been more true than during the pandemic.

With huge limitations on the ability to film new content, there has been significantly fewer new television projects to promote than expected, a problem which, regardless of how quickly a COVID-19 vaccine is created, will likely spill over into In such an environment, TV has had to put more of an emphasis on using social media to promote library content, because you can’t generate new subscribers promoting television that hasn’t been filmed yet.

In the third and final installment of ListenFirst’s TV Industry Special Report series, you will find best practices for keeping the social media conversation around existing I.P. fresh and top-of-mind for the audience.

TV Industry Special Report Part II: Late Night Talk Shows

What content and formats resonated most with Late Night Talk Show audiences on social? 

For Late Night Talk Shows, the pandemic has presented a unique set of challenges but also opportunities. While essentially all sitcoms and dramas had no choice to shut down production, Talk Shows figured out how to adjust to the new normal almost immediately.

While the technical requirements around Late Night hosts self taping was ironed out quickly, that doesn’t answer to what extent the social media audience was embracing the scaled down production value and to what extent the type of content being shared needed to change.

In Part II of the TV Industry Special Report series, ListenFirst will outline all the best practices for Late Night Talk Shows succeeding on social media during the age of the coronavirus.

State of Social: H1 2020 Trends for Social TV

What’s trending for Social TV in the first half of 2020?