The Key to Partnership & Influencer Success: Identifying The Metrics That Matter

Influencers, ad partners, and TikTok creators. Third party partners play an increasingly crucial role when it comes to introducing your brand to new audiences. Because these partnerships can be so impactful, finding the perfect match and identifying the appropriate KPI’s requires strategy.

If your brand is investing in marketing partnerships, watch ListenFirst experts Meghan Cahill, SVP of Client Experience, and Devin Carroll, Director of Revenue Strategy, for this on-demand webinar. Meghan and Devin will show you how to leverage the relevant data points and track meaningful metrics when marketing with third-party brands. 

Top 5 Social Media Trends Driving Brand Engagement

Get an inside view of what social media marketing strategies are paying off for brands across industries. ListenFirst analyzes the social media performance of hundreds of thousands of brands. From engagement metrics to competitive benchmarking, we see it all!

Hear from ListenFirst experts Meghan Cahill, SVP of Client Experience, and Devin Carroll, Director of Revenue Strategy. Meghan and Devin will break down the latest marketing trends that are driving engagement on social media.

Dashboards, Machine Learning and Modern Design

Over the last year the ListenFirst team has taken a deep look at user workflows and closely collaborated with customers to understand their biggest needs. As a result, we’ve invested in many enhancements that will help users save time and uncover more relevant insights in fewer steps.  

Starting in September 2021, ListenFirst users will have access to a new platform experience. Notable features now available in the new ListenFirst experience include the ability to:

  • quickly find the data you need
  • build configurable dashboards
  • uncover key takeaways automatically
  • create brand roll-ups on the fly
  • dive into the analytics and share meaningful visuals quickly

We breakdown our most exciting enhancements below.

Configurable Dashboards

Enjoy more flexibility by creating easy-to-update dashboards tailored to your KPIs.

When you first log in to your ListenFirst account, you’ll get a quick glimpse at the performance metrics most important to you. Configurable Dashboards make this all possible. Our new dashboard feature allows customers to create specific combinations of ListenFirst data to match their team’s unique use cases and workflows. 

It’s easy to add an analysis tile to your favorite dashboard, or to multiple dashboards. It’s your choice. From there you have easy-to-understand, beautiful reports to share with other ListenFirst users.

You’re in Control with Instant Insights

Quickly understand how your brand performs on social media using simple visuals and easy-to-understand language.

Tired of burning precious hours attempting the work of a trained data analyst? Instant Insights, is a new analytics feature that quickly shows how brands perform across social media. It’s all in a single view! 

Leveraging years of intelligence gathered from working with the largest brands in the world, Instant Insights utilizes machine learning to deliver analysis like no other. Users can benchmark performance and uncover valuable takeaways in natural language. Even configure multiple brands and content filters on the fly. 

A Modern and User-Friendly Design

Introducing a complete re-imagining and redesign of navigation, data visualization, and analysis in the platform.   

We worked hand-in-hand with ListenFirst customers to ensure the new interface would provide easy access to the data needed most. This resulted in a more streamlined workflow paired with modern design. Save time with more intuitive navigation, clean data visuals and more ways to share key metrics and insightful takeaways with others.

Experience the Enhancements for Yourself

Throughout the month of September, users will be given the opportunity to switch between the new and legacy UI. So, the next time you log into your ListenFirst account, look for the toggle button at the top right.

Don’t be shy. Dive into the upgraded experience for more flexibility, faster insights and access to powerful dashboards. New feature walk-thrus will be available as you explore the platform, but for a deeper understanding of the new workflows, check out the knowledge base dedicated to the Platform Redesign found in the Help Center. 

How To Maximize Social Media Analytics

Brands depend on social media to reach customers… but how do they make sense of all the data available to them in an ever-changing world? Most brands find that they have too much data and not enough answers or that they’re having to pull reports manually, which is very time-consuming.

This report shows you how to measure your social media program more effectively and uncover the insights to help you grow your business.

Once you’ve read this report, you’ll be able to easily identify the metrics that matter and prove the value of your social media strategy.

4 Ways Competitive Data Improves Social ROI

Data is only valuable with context. It’s important to benchmark against your own performance, but benchmarking against competitors takes your social media strategy to another level. Competitive data opens up opportunities. It helps brands understand industry benchmarks, set tangible goals, identify strategies for growth, prove ROI and so much more. 

 In this webinar, you’ll learn the best ways to leverage ListenFirst’s curated universes of more than 250,000 brands to strengthen your social strategy.

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