Holiday Trends For Social Media Marketers

Holiday Survey
In this report you'll learn:
  • When brands start posting about the holidays
  • What post types are most used by brands in holiday posts
  • Which social media platforms are most important for holiday posts
  • The holidays brands are actually posting about

Are you confident your brand has the right social strategy headed into this holiday season? 

If the answer is no or you are just looking for confirmation that your brand is on the right track, Holiday Trends For Social Media Marketers is the report for you. We surveyed marketing and analytics professionals between August – September 2022, asking about their social media strategy for their holiday messaging this year, identifying the best practices and challenges marketers are most concerned about. 

The topics we covered included how many brands are using influencers in their holiday campaigns on social media, when brands are starting to post about end of year holidays, and how important social media is for brand holiday campaigns. 

The report also identifies the biggest challenges brands face going into the holiday campaign season, how well brands understand social share of voice around the holidays, and how the social media spend is changing for brands year over year. 

To answer all these questions and more, download the report now!