Are You For Reels? How Brands Can Optimize Instagram’s Secret Weapon

Published August 30, 2022 by Jon
1 Hour
Are You For Reels?
In this one hour presentation we discussed:
  • Why brands should make Reels a priority
  • Best practices when creating Reels videos
  • Ways to optimize Reels based on your industry
  • How to uncover Reels trends for your unique use case in ListenFirst

40% of brands say Instagram is the most important social platform for their brand. That’s more than any other social platform cited. But when it comes to creating content for Instagram, the most effective type of content is often the least posted.

With performance data now available for Instagram Reels, ListenFirst has uncovered a variety of insights brands should know when working with this powerful form of video.

Hear from ListenFirst’s expert analysts as they share why Reels has become a secret weapon on social media, and what you as a brand can do about it.