Media & Entertainment Industry: Social Media Benchmarks

Media & Entertainment Industry: Social Media Benchmarks
What's in this report?
  • Industry Benchmarks across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Organic Industry Benchmarks
  • Paid Industry Benchmarks
  • Key Trends and Best Practices

How does your brand compare to the industry’s social media benchmarks?

Is there more CPC value on Twitter? Are competitors having more success with video content on Facebook or Instagram? Is the loss of organic reach on Facebook more or less than what the rest of the industry is experiencing? How often is the audience Saving posts on Instagram?

The ListenFirst Industry Benchmarks Report for Media & Entertainment answers all these questions and more, arming your team with the competitive insights necessary to make sure your social media content is being seen by the widest, most relevant audience.

Using exclusive, anonymized and authorized data from the large network of Media and Entertainment Brands that partner with ListenFirst, the Industry Benchmarks Report is an invaluable cheat sheet.