VISIT FLORIDA Finds Success Leveraging Data to Drive Their Influencer Marketing Strategy

VISIT FLORIDA Social Media Analytics Case Study
With ListenFirst’s influencer marketing tools, VISIT FLORIDA implemented a data-driven social influencer marketing program to know which influencers to partner with, measure campaign performance, and justify long-term partnerships and spend.
Influencer marketing has taken off in the past two years, demanding dollars from advertisers’ marketing budgets. However, many brands lack data-driven insights into their influencer marketing program—from knowing which influencers to partner with, to understanding if the campaigns actually were successful, to decided whether or not they should continue partnerships with these influencers. This has prevented marketers from justifying budget being put towards that marketing tactic.
ListenFirst ingests all of the influencers into VISIT FLORIDA’s Influencer Network its platform to track their social accounts, and compiles pre-partnership reports for these influencers, analyzing the following: Social performance for travel and non-travel content Performance benchmarks based on the influencers’ other travel partnerships’ campaign content Top performing content from the influencers’ past travel partnership campaigns
Based on ListenFirst’s influencer and campaign insights, Visit Florida could launch partnerships with vetted influencers who had high performing travel content during past partnerships. ListenFirst analysis and reporting enables VISIT FLORIDA to understand which of these influencers drove brand lift for VISIT FLORIDA. This enables them to continue these successful partnerships, and discontinue partnerships with influencers who didn’t prove to be a fit.