Viacom Uses Video Insights to Increase Social Reach

Client - Viacom
Viacom tapped ListenFirst for data-driven video insights to revamp their Facebook video content strategy to boost reach and views.
In January 2018, Facebook announced it was overhauling its News Feed to prioritize posts from friends and family. In particular, the platform would de-prioritize posts from media and businesses to make sure that “time spent on Facebook was time well spent.” As a result, media brands noticed significant decreases in their Facebook post reach and particularly, video views, in 2018. What could media brands do to get back up to pre-algorithm change numbers?
ListenFirst provided a Social Intelligence Hub to Analyze Video Performance Get Insights Into Video Length and Format and Correlation with Reach and Views across Social Platforms
Viacom Shifted Social Video Strategy to Increase the Number of Facebook Videos 1 Minute and Instantly Saw Growth in Performance