Hackensack Meridian Health Created a Social Intelligence Hub powered by ListenFirst

Hackensack Meridian Health Social Media Analytics Case Study
Client: Hackensack Meridian Health
Influencer marketing has taken off in the past two years, demanding dollars from advertisers’ marketing budgets. However, many brands lack data-driven insights into their influencer marketing program. This has prevented marketers from justifying budget being put towards that marketing tactic.
Knowing which influencers to partner with
ListenFirst created a Social Intelligence Hub to Manage Analytics, Bringing Together Data from 70 Social Handles Across 27 Entities. With the social intelligence hub, HMH is able to identify brands that could serve as potential partners based on shared audiences, target audiences, and audience affinities. These partnerships can extend from media partners to team sponsorships and community initiatives.
Not only has HMH been able to tie social efforts directly to digital goals such as driving web traffic and sign-ups, the health network has also been able to get an informed view of perfaormance and KPIs around offline partnerships, including best practices. For its partnership with the New York Giants, HMH was able to get context on how their partnership was performing compared to how competitors leveraged their partnerships, and learn what they could to do optimize their sponsorship for maximum returns. The insights drove to more crosspromotion, shared content, and calls-to-action.