Optimizing Sports-Related Sponsored Content On Social

Optimizing Sports-Related Sponsored Content On Social
What's in the analytics report:
  • Understand the verticals that benefit the most
  • Look at the most successful sponsored campaigns
  • Know which platforms are the best for sponsored posts
  • Tips for optimizing sponsored sports content

When a brand wants the biggest, broadest TV audience, the solution is often advertising during live sports. For the same reason, the social media accounts of sports leagues and individual teams is some of the most valuable real estate for sponsored content on social media.

Sports fanbases are loyal and extremely engaged, and paid partnerships with the most popular leagues and teams often means brand messaging is seen by a far wider audience than through owned organic posts.

For the following report, ListenFirst analyzed the sponsored content posts of the MLB, NHL, MLS, NBA, and NFL at both the league and team level between July 2020 – June 2021 to determine the tactics and best practices that are most effective for brands around these paid partnership posts.