ListenFirst Launches Cross-Platform Branded Content Analysis Suite

NEW YORK, Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ListenFirst, the most comprehensive social media analytics solution for the enterprise, today announced the launch of its enhanced Branded Content Analysis Suite. This offering allows marketers to analyze millions of branded posts across social media platforms so they can monitor the performance of owned, competitive, and industry content partnerships across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr.

ListenFirst’s Branded Content Analysis Suite offers advanced influencer and branded content partnership analytics. This gives media companies the ability to measure and provide guarantees to secure key partnerships, and also provides advertiser brands a clear understanding of how partnerships perform on social media, helping them identify which partners are the best fit for their brand.

“ListenFirst’s partnership analysis allows us to see all our owned and competitive programs and networks’ branded content performance across social,” said Tom Ziangas, SVP Research, AMC Networks. “These comprehensive insights enable our sales team to demonstrate the strength of our programming, prove brand lift, and expand advertising partnerships.”

“By understanding how media, advertisers, and their social media offerings perform across every industry, our sales team can better prospect and capitalize on sponsorships. ListenFirst’s Branded Content Analysis Suite brings a whole new layer of intelligence to tailor our sales strategies,” said Gerryann Agovino, VP Revenue & Strategy, Original Content, AT&T Inc.

“Historically, social branded content measurement has been unstructured, with both the buy-side and sell-side lacking the proper context and industry best practices for forming their respective strategies,” said Jonathan Farb, Chief Product Officer, ListenFirst. “Now, for the first time ever, we’re bringing both advertisers and platforms a directory of all the branded content partnerships across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr.”

For the TV Industry in Q1-Q3 2019, ListenFirst found:

  • Top three TV Parent Companies based on performance: #1 Discovery, #2 AT&T, #3 Viacom
  • Top three most popular category partnerships by volume: Automotive (1.7K partnerships), Household/Furniture (856 partnerships), Financial Services (826 partnerships)
  • Gallery posts averaged 2K engagements (reactions, shares, comments) per post, 101% more than videos, 277% more than Images, and 452% more than Links. Gallery posts performed the strongest on Instagram, averaging 5.9K likes and comments per branded post
  • Instagram delivered 5X more responses per branded post than on Facebook, but Facebook hosts 83% share of Branded Content across the TV industry
  • Facebook branded posts performed best in May and July, Instagram branded posts performed best in March and April, and Twitter branded posts performed best in May and July

For the Media Publishing Industry in Q1-Q3 2019, ListenFirst found:

  • Top three Media Publishing Companies based on performance: #1 First Media, #2 Worldstar, LLC, #3 NBA Memes
  • Top three most popular category partnerships by volume: CPG (2.1K partnerships), Software (1.5K partnerships), TV (1.1K partnerships)
  • Top three Videos averaged 3K engagements (reactions, shares, comments) per post, 56% more than Text or Gallery posts, 276% more than Images, and 345% more than Links. Videos performed the strongest on Instagram, averaging 6.4K likes and comments per branded post
  • Facebook delivered +353% more responses per branded post than on Instagram or Twitter – Facebook also hosts a majority share of the content and engagements for branded content
  • Facebook and Instagram branded posts performed best in January through March, whereas Twitter posts performed best in August and September

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