ListenFirst Announces Access To Twitter’s New v2 Engagement API

The social media analytics company offers brands a segmented view of Tweet performance by Organic and Promoted engagement.

ListenFirst, the premier enterprise social analytics solution today announced the v2 Twitter Engagement API (application programming interface) has been integrated into their platform, giving ListenFirst customers a greater understanding of the organic and paid performance of their Tweets. Historically, this organic and paid data lived in separate silos across different platforms, APIs and endpoints; with brands having no way to see this data aggregated, summed and/or blended together.  

Using ListenFirst, brands now have perfect clarity on which tactics are driving audience interest. This is made possible because engagements and impressions of the same Tweets are now segmented by organic or promoted traffic. ListenFirst is one of the first companies to implement the v2 Twitter Engagement API, which ingests pixel perfect dimensions for total engagements and impression of a Tweet. This type of measurement hadn’t previously been available for paid content in ListenFirst. 

“Marketers already know that Twitter is an effective platform for reaching passionate audiences engaging in real-time conversations and with the recent enhancements to the Twitter Engagement API, businesses have an even richer understanding of how they’re connecting with audiences,” said Lauren Jenkins, Global Head of Twitter Official Partner Program. “Brands now have a deeper and more transparent view into campaign performance on Twitter, and ListenFirst is one of the first Twitter Official Partners to unlock these new API capabilities.”

“Over the past 10 years, ListenFirst has earned a reputation for offering our clients highly differentiated cutting edge social media analytics, and innovation around Twitter analytics has always been foundational to this strategy, ” explained Jonathan Farb, Chief Product Officer at ListenFirst . “We proactively identify opportunities to strengthen understanding of social media performance, and the early implementation of Twitter’s v2 Engagement API is only the latest example of this commitment bearing fruit for our customers.”  

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