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2022 Social Media Marketing Trends
What are the opportunities and challenges of social media marketing in 2022? Scroll through this infographic for the highlights you need to know.
Blumhouse Productions Used Facebook Audience Insights to Drive Box Office Success

Better and more efficient targeting of Hispanic audiences by city Ability to spot trends by city and state to identify market opportunities and predict box office performance Real-time understanding of which cities are engaging most with owned content, and where there was the most untapped potential An data-driven understanding of where to direct campaign efforts in order to maximize profit

Michael Kors Uses Instagram Analytics to Dominate Social During NY Fashion Week

Michael Kors wanted to stand out during one of the fashion industry’s highest exposure events—the 2016 Fall New York Fashion Week. But, competition was tough as luxury fashion brands dominate social media with a stream of creativity, innovation, and celebrity. In order to make sure they were building buzz and winning social share of voice on its runway day, Michael Kors turned to ListenFirst to measure their success across social channels.

A+E Networks Incorporates Performance Metrics to Power Their Omni-channel Marketing Strategy

A+E Networks uses ListenFirst’s social media measurement and historical data to analyze more than 300 owned and competitor brands in their mix models, allowing them to power their omnichannel marketing strategy.

Nickelodeon Gauges Audience Sentiment with Twitter Analytics

When SpongeBob Squarepants creator, Stephen Hillenburg, passed away in late 2018, Nickelodeon tapped ListenFirst’s social listening tool to understand how social audiences were responding, and determine their communication strategy.

Hackensack Meridian Health Created a Social Intelligence Hub powered by ListenFirst

Influencer marketing has taken off in the past two years, demanding dollars from advertisers’ marketing budgets. However, many brands lack data-driven insights into their influencer marketing program. This has prevented marketers from justifying budget being put towards that marketing tactic.

VISIT FLORIDA Finds Success Leveraging Data to Drive Their Influencer Marketing Strategy

With ListenFirst’s influencer marketing tools, VISIT FLORIDA implemented a data-driven social influencer marketing program to know which influencers to partner with, measure campaign performance, and justify long-term partnerships and spend.

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