2022 Cinco de Mayo Report 

Cinco de Mayo
In this report you'll learn:
  • Separate rankings showing which Alcohol, Food, and QSR brands performed the best on Cinco de Mayo
  • Data showing on which social media platforms Cinco de Mayo content was most effective
  • How popular the event was on social media compared to previous years
  • Case studies of the brands with the most successful social activations around the holiday

When you think of Cinco de Mayo, odds are one of the first things that comes to mind is Mexican beer.

That’s not a coincidence, in fact much of what we currently associate with the holiday was born out of a brilliant 1989 ad campaign by Texas importers of Corona and Modelo that promoted the idea of drinking their beer around the holiday.  Over the years, CPG Food and Quick Serve Restaurants have expanded that association, and Cinco de Mayo has grown into a $1.5 Trillion a year business for brands.  

When it comes to leveraging social media around Cinco de Mayo, it’s critical that these participating brands know what is and isn’t working around the holiday.

ListenFirst’s Cinco de Mayo Report answers those exact questions, calling out the winning brands and social media strategies.