A+E Networks Incorporates Performance Metrics to Power Their Omni-channel Marketing Strategy

A+E Networks Social Media Analytics Case Study
Client: A+E Networks
A+E Networks uses ListenFirst’s social media measurement and historical data to analyze more than 300 owned and competitor brands in their mix models, allowing them to power their omnichannel marketing strategy.
A+E Networks lacked a way to collect a vast amount of social media performance data, including historical daily metrics for more than 300 brands over the course of three years
ListenFirst provided A+E with the daily performance metrics they needed for each brand, including authenticated impressions, paid impressions on Facebook and Twitter, cross-channel video views, and more
A+E Networks was able to incorporate daily social performance metrics for hundreds of brands into their mixed model, and gain insights on this performance as it related to their omnichannel marketing strategy, using ListenFirst’s historical analysis and measurement capabilities