Blumhouse Productions Used Facebook Audience Insights to Drive Box Office Success

Blumhouse Productions Social Media Analytics Case Study
Client - Blumhouse Productions
LOWRIDERS, an American drama distributed by BH Tilt, was set to open in theaters on May 12, 2017. The film, which was made on a micro budget and targets Hispanic audiences, would be distributed across 295 theaters opening weekend with a heavy focus on digital marketing. This was slated to be the smallest theatrical release by number of theaters for BH Tilt. Nevertheless, the team’s expectation was to gross $1.5M on opening weekend.
Better and more efficient targeting of Hispanic audiences by city Ability to spot trends by city and state to identify market opportunities and predict box office performance Real-time understanding of which cities are engaging most with owned content, and where there was the most untapped potential An data-driven understanding of where to direct campaign efforts in order to maximize profit
Weekly reporting beginning 10 weeks from opening weekend on the cities with the highest volume of Facebook activity (both throughout the campaign to date and on a week-to-week basis) Trending data week-over-week of audience growth and demographics by city
ListenFirst’s valuable data allowed the team at BH Tilt to act quickly and use the insights to adjust theater locations across the country. ‘Lowriders’ grossed $2.4M on opening weekend, far exceeding the goal of $1.5M, due to the ability to adjust marketing tactics and theater locations week-by-week and on-the-fly Two months after opening, ‘Lowriders’ has gone on to gross $6M