Elevate Your Influencer & Partner Campaigns on Social Media

Published October 25, 2021 by Jon
1 Hour
Elevate Your Influencer & Partner Campaigns on Social Media
Watch how Influencer Partner Analytics™ helps marketers and advertisers to:
  • Is the partner’s audience aligned with my own?
  • What sponsored content performs best with this partner?
  • How much is this collaboration worth?
  • How is this influencer impacting our brand reputation?

Discover how Influencer Partner Analyticsmaximizes return on campaigns. 

Marketers often struggle to identify and evaluate the performance of social media influencers. And for Ad Sales teams, it’s never easy to prove the value of their social media channels when seeking paid partnership opportunities.  

With the recent launch of Influencer Partner Analytics from ListenFirst, properly identifying and measuring campaign partnerships just got a whole lot easier. 

Join ListenFirst experts Meghan Cahill, SVP of Client Experience, and Devin Carroll, Director of Revenue Strategy, as they demo the powerful analytics behind this new solution.