A Note From The ListenFirst Founders

When we founded ListenFirst 10 years ago, as marketers wanting social media analytics that would actually meet the needs of fellow marketers, we had no idea how meaningful that journey would end up being. Identifying a large gap in the market is one thing, but to actually build the premier social analytics solution used by the world’s leading brands, is where vision meets execution.  

Global brands that signed up for ListenFirst during our first month have grown to be some of our largest enterprise customers today. New Fortune 500 brands are joining on a monthly basis. The world’s most sophisticated marketers demand the most comprehensive analytics software solution and we’re grateful we get to partner with these executives everyday.

Our careers have been defined by identifying and mentoring top talent.  We assembled premier product and tech leadership out of the gate, developed an award-winning customer success team and tapped industry-leading internal and external talent along the way. We remain immensely proud that some of our employees who joined ListenFirst during our first year, as their first or second job, are still with us and are now critical members of our leadership team.

ListenFirst’s success has been the result of incredible collaboration, and part of a good collaboration is knowing the right moment to bring other voices to the table. With ListenFirst experiencing unprecedented growth as the social and digital space evolves, we believe it’s the right time to tap new leadership to help leverage new channels and continue to elevate the company’s place in the market.

That is why we are both excited to welcome David DiGiacomo as our new CEO.

We are confident that David is the perfect choice to lead us in the next stage of the company’s growth. David is a fellow entrepreneur, a proven operator who’s successfully transitioned leadership from founders and, most importantly, his values align completely with ListenFirst’s. His experience in concert with our expertise will be a fruitful combination that will afford us an edge in the market as we continue to innovate and evolve our technology to best serve our customers.  

While we will be stepping down as co-CEOs starting today, both of us will remain on the Board of Directors where we will be focusing our energy on our corporate strategy and maintaining key customer relationships. 

We are extremely proud of the team and what we’ve built together and look forward to even greater success as David leads the day-to-day operations. His knowledge will be invaluable to the continued growth and expansion of ListenFirst. 

Change for organizations is something to seek out and embrace. This is easy to do from a position of strength. We have the right talent in place to meet both the current and the future needs of the business. We are grateful to the team members and customers who helped ListenFirst get to this point, and know the work we’ve done together to build our strong foundation will only enhance and amplify as ListenFirst thrives in the years ahead.

– Jason and Christian

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