5 Things Top Colleges Need To Know About Instagram Reels

Top Colleges
In this report you'll learn:
  • The best times to post
  • How Reels perform compared to images 
  • Why videos should focus on the campus experience 
  • How hashtags impact performance

Now that ListenFirst has Instagram Reels analytics, we couldn’t be more excited to start a new series of free mini-reports, where we share the most actionable tips for every industry in using Reels. 

Does your top college need a higher education in using Instagram Reels? 

Listenfirst is here to help. We analyzed the performance of over 1,700 Reels shared so far this year by nearly 100 top colleges and universities to determine the tactics that make industry Reels most successful. 

Based on that social media analysis, we identified the 5 tips that are most impactful for college marketers looking to optimize the performance of their Instagram Reels. 

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