2022 BET Awards Social Report

BET Awards
In this report you'll learn:
  • Which brands performed the best around their BET Awards social content
  • Which social media platform were most effective around the event
  • How popular the event was on social media compared to previous years
  • Case studies of the most successful social activations around the BET Awards

The BET Awards are not only an awards show celebrating African-American excellence, it’s also become one of the most talked about annual events on social media.  

For official sponsors, advertisers, or just brand newsjacking the event, understanding how their BET Awards related messaging is performing on social media is a critical step in evaluating how effective their campaign was. What was the demographics of the people talking about the awards on social media? How much engagement was there around your campaign relative to other brands messaging about the BET Awards? What celebrity content connected the most with the audience? 

In the BET Awards Report, we answer all those questions and more!