Maximize Your Social Media Analytics to Drive Business Webinar

Published May 26, 2021 by Josh Hines
56 Minutes
Maximize Your Social Media Analytics to Drive Business
In this webinar, Jessica and Meghan will answer key questions such as:
  • How should I think about measuring social media programs?
  • What data is available beyond social engagement metrics?
  • How do I cut through the noise from the vast amounts of data?
  • How can I apply insights to make an impact on the business?

It’s no secret that companies struggle to quantify the value of their social media programs. In a Forrester Research survey, 56% of respondents state that “difficulty proving the value of social within our organization” is their top challenge. With the myriad of social data available, it can be hard to put structure around the various metrics and KPIs. 

Join guest speaker Jessica Liu, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, and Meghan Cahill, VP of Client Success, as they set out to help companies gain more confidence in their social measurement abilities