Hot Social Media Trends for 2022 Marketing Strategies

Published November 5, 2021 by Josh Hines
1 Hour
Hot Social Media Trends for 2022 Marketing Strategies
2021 Trends Uncovered
  • TikTok reigns Supreme
  • Gallery Content Is Most Engaging’
  • Creator Exclusives on TikTok
  • Creator-Led Brand Identities
  • Active Engagement Still Driven by Facebook & Instagram

Listen to social media experts across industries for a can’t-miss thought-leadership event. Our panel discussion focused on lessons learned in 2021 and insights worth noting for 2022. 

Our panelist shared their recent experiences as they led social media marketing strategies at various organizations, including a top-ranked luxury fashion brand. We dove into their thoughts on how to apply the latest social media trends as 2022 strategic planning gets underway.

Listen to ListenFirst expert, Meghan Cahill, for a 1-hour session with our esteemed thought-leaders:

  • Linz Shelton, Head of Social Media at THE YES
  • Elizabeth Motta, Vice President, Insights & Analytics for WWE

On-demand webinar coming soon.