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2022 Social Media Marketing Trends
What are the opportunities and challenges of social media marketing in 2022? Scroll through this infographic for the highlights you need to know.
5 Things Hospital Brands Need To Know About Instagram Reels

ListenFirst analyzed the performance of over 1,200 Reels published by Hospitals to determine which tactics connected most with the Instagram audience. Based on that data, 5 best practices emerged which healthcare marketers need to know.

5 Things Coffee Brands Need To Know About Instagram Reels

ListenFirst analyzed the performance of Reels shared by Coffee Chains, Roasters, and Retailers, and identified 5 key best practices to follow. These insights are relevant to all CPG brands using Reels. 

2022 BET Awards Social Report

For official sponsors, advertisers, or just brand newsjacking the event, understanding how their BET Awards related messaging is performing on social media is a critical step in evaluating how effective their campaign was.

2022 NBA Draft Social Report 

We’re providing a 2022 NBA Draft Social report, the day after the event, showing which players, teams, and brands received the most social media conversation around the draft. 

LIV Golf vs. PGA Tour – Social Share of Voice

With LIV Golf having just completed its first big event, ListenFirst took a look at how much share of voice it was able to take from the PGA Tour on social media.

Measuring Success: 4 Strategies To Measure Social Media Impact

This report takes a look at four strategies to measure social media’s impact on your business: consumer buzz, brand awareness, competitive rankings, and customer conversions.

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