2022 TikTok Social Trends Food & Beverage Industry

2022 TikTok Social Trends Food & Beverage Industry
In this report you'll learn:
  • Follower Performance Trends
  • Activity, engagement, and viewing performance trends
  • Brand rankings by key metrics
  • Top content for the industry
  • Brand highlights

How should brands be talking about food and beverages on TikTok?

To answer that question, marketers need a five-course meal-sized amount of data speaking to what’s working for competitors.  Owned performance data is not the only valuable data available to a brand on social media. Industry data allows for brands to benchmark against industry growth, understand performance trends across the whole industry, and better allows brands to set goals, create pivot strategies, and create KPIs and benchmarks.

In this report, you’ll learn how the Food and Beverage industry is performing on TikTok and what top-performing brands are doing. This data is part of ListenFirst’s curated Beverage Universe and CPG Food Universe.